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Tv-inspelning av programmet “The most Expensive” i Marbella

🌟 Filming “The most Expensive” in Marbella 🌟 

Vilka dagar vi haft i Marbella. Molly och jag gar spelat in reallity och Molly har även gått en haute couture fashion show. Men mer om den kommer senare.

Together with my favorite store we went to Marbella to record tv with my new idol Debbie Wingham She is known for doing the most expensive arts.
Just google her and you will see amazing things as shoes, bags, dresses, wedding cakes and of course the mural in Puerto Banus (we’re both Molly and are in) and a lot of other things.  

On the show Molly just received a new collar, leash and necklace from Perlstoft especially designed to match the new luxury LaFerrari 💎
The beautiful items from PerlStoft is handmade whit swarovski crystals and the amazing thing is that you can design it exactly how you want. You order and they make them, no mass production.

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